32nd Milestone Gurgaon

Developer : Milestone Ventures Pvt Ltd

Location: Sector 15, Gurugram

Price: 50 lakh

Area : 174000 Sqft


32nd Avenue is a community space unlike any other. I'd say India however, it is certainly Gurgaon and Delhi that is a one-of-a-kind destination brand made up of food and beverages which have their own massive fan base within one place. It is a community space that has attracted top quality brands. What you get here is not a large area for transactions. It's not a place to eat KFC or purchase a fast medicine at night but rather to participate in the community gathering located on the ground first floor. It's a unique and one of a unique community space for Gurgaon and possibly Delhi too.

In the midst of all the experiences and activities which the 32nd Avenue Milestone offer, there's one that is different from all the others. The Galleries. Absolutely, it is the most lucrative commercial property you can invest in Gurgaon at the moment.

Milestone Ventures has invested about 25 crore to renovate the commercial property. It enlisted the property expert CBRE South Asia as the leasing and marketing partner to reimagine the property into a designed high-street destination, which will offer an array of F&B (food and drinks) and luxurious brands.

"Building on the iconic status that 32nd Milestone has among the older generation, we look to reach out to the younger and more informed workforce present here as well and build new memories that will go the distance," according to Economic Times by Dhruv Sharma CEO of Milestone Ventures.




The location is on Delhi located on the Delhi Jaipur National Highway. 32nd Avenue has a 2.4 lac square. feet. area, of which "The Galleries" cover a 4000 square. ft. area. Focusing in on delivering an exceptional experience, one that is only available in an exclusive location that is brimming with luxury brands the "Avenue" located somewhere in LA or Manhattan. In addition, the combination between "gourmet" with "luxurious" shopping experiences is likely to be the most original and unique experience to be launched in on the Indian retail market.

The massive renovation of this classic old-school hangout that we used to frequent in our school times. The proprietor Mr. Dhruv has made his doors to investors to take part in the expansion of the market, and also offering "Fixed" rental income in the form of a return. Let's go over the details here will we?


Luxurious & Pre-leased Commercial Spaces

The Galleries is an experiential 40,000 square foot boutique-style retail hub. It is surrounded by the 30' pillarless structure An avenue can be a destination for top brands like Rolex, Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Swarovski in addition to all the 38 other units that are already leased to more extravagant and luxurious brands. Additionally, it is important to note that it has already brought international brands such as The Piano Man, Greenr as well as Carnatic Cafe to Gurgaon and NCR.


Architectural Marvel of Gurgaon Real Estate Industry

Conceptualized using the same conceptual ideas that inspired 32nd Avenue, the Galleries also pay tribute to the Aqua Theme's founding elements such as concrete, water, brass brick, stone as well as wrought iron that combine their simple elements to create a timeless and contemporary American architecture style.


32 Milestone Avenue GurgaonKey Points


Spacious lobbies

Smart lighting systems for public areas.

High-efficiency equipment that decreases the use of energy.

32nd Avenue is an F&B and entertainment center.




Mowo King

The Monk


Urban Platter

The Flora Studio





24 hour round-the-clock enhanced security

Lift Lobby - Imported Marble Flooring and Cladding

The Galleries is an experiential 40,000 square feet boutique shopping hub.

The first Indian building to be GRIHA certified platinum LEED, eco mindful construction.


Highlights Of 32nd Avenue


Strategically played out Strategically acted NH 8, Gurgaon

24 hour round-the-clock enhanced security

Spacious lobbies

Lift Lobby - Imported Marble Flooring and Cladding

A smart lighting solution for the common area.

High efficiency equipment that helps reduce the energy use

First in India to have a GRIHA certified platinum LEED environmentally mindful construction.

32nd's curatorial style and distinctive architecture draws an audience with higher spending capacity.



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